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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Do you provide professional Tax, Accounting, Consulting and M&A services (planning, evaluating, negotiating & integration leadership) outside of Wisconsin?

A – While most of our clients are in Wisconsin, we provide services both throughout the U.S. and for international operations. These services go well beyond the traditional tax and accounting services provided by CPAs. We also work with your executive team in strategy creation and evaluation for expanding into international markets, including companies desiring to expand into the U.S., as well as improving international operations to align with the strategy. A very important part of these services include leading the integration effort to successfully bring the merged companies together to meet the strategy's financial, operational and cultural objectives.
Q – What do your tax services include?

A – The most important tax service I provide is advising on ways to both minimize your tax burden and increase your wealth. Preparing your tax return is a relatively small part of the professional services you should expect from me and my team. Of course, should you be contacted by the IRS or a state taxing authority, I can help you achieve the best possible outcome by representing you.

Q – How can KSF CPA Services LLC provide professionally prepared income tax returns for fees which are less, sometimes a LOT less, than the seasonal chain store temporary services charge?

A – Our service to you is provided efficiently using the most advanced processes and technologies available today. We serve you without having to invest in rent, furniture and equipment for offices which are only used for a few months each year, but which have these expenses year-round, like the seasonal temp service chain stores. Our professional accounting and consulting services are offered throughout the year. We do not have to load our already low overhead costs onto just your tax return. Our offices serve clients all year long.

Q – Can I scan or fax the documents myself and just transmit the images to you, or do I need to come to your offices for tax preparation and consulting services?

A – Of course, we'd love to meet you personally, however, there's no need to come to the office to receive our friendly, professional services. If you have Adobe Acrobat on your computer and a high-quality scanner, which can produce black & white images with at least 300 dpi resolution, you could scan the documents yourself or just fax your documents to us. As e-mail is insecure, we strongly advise against sending us sensitive information using e-mail systems, unless the file is encrypted.

Q – Why do I need to send last year's tax return to you? Isn't it already past history?

A – In the tax law, there are many provisions when one year's tax situation affects another. In our experience, there are frequently situations we need to know about that are evident from a quick review of your prior year tax returns. Unfortunately, when we do a more thorough review of prior years' tax returns, we also frequently uncover errors and missed opportunities. We offer a low cost service to file amended returns if you desire. You are generally limited to amending only returns filed within 3 years. If you have electronic versions of your prior-year tax returns, please contact us to learn how to securely transmit them to us.

Q – What should I do if the IRS contacts me about my return?

A – This is the easiest question for us to answer and one of the most important ones. If you receive any correspondence from the IRS, please fax or email a copy of it to us immediately! If it includes a check, and you are not certain why they sent you a check, do NOT cash or deposit it! IRS letters are rarely clear and often there are serious issues to deal with. Please use our services to assist you with any correspondence you receive from the IRS, and please don't delay.

Q – How accessible to me is KSFCPA?

A – You can reach your CPA in a variety of ways: E-mail: CPA@KSFCPA.com Fax: 877-277-7151 Phone: 262-421-1170 or 920-299-5120
If your CPA isn't available immediately to take your call, he/she will get back to you within 1 business day (within 3 business days if between March 20 and April 15) at the phone number you provide. You will get the best, most efficient service from your phone conversation with your CPA if you provide in advance by email the topics or questions you wish to discuss. Of course, your CPA's availability during the height of the tax return preparation season may be very limited.

Q – Why do you ask for my checking account, bank routing number and a voided check?

A – If you would like your refund to be directly deposited in your bank, which can dramatically accelerate the time you'll receive it, we need this bank account information. We use the voided check to validate and cross-check the numbers. Conversely, if you have a tax balance due, the balance can be paid by e-Check directly from your bank account at no additional cost. However, clients also have the option of paying their balance due by mail using a traditional check or paying by credit card, for an additional convenience fee to the IRS ranging from 3% to 5% of the balance due.

Q – Do you guarantee your tax work?

A – We guarantee that our calculations are accurate and that we will process your return in a professional and competent manner. Of course, we rely on our clients to share relevant data and information with us to be able to provide the most appropriate and professional service possible. If we make an error which results in correspondence or amended filings being needed with the IRS, we will prepare the correspondence and/or amended filings at no cost. All of the services we provide are subject to the Terms and Conditions on our website, KSFCPA.com.

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